Political Asylum or Refugee Status

What is asylum?
People whose lives are in danger in their home country can move to another country and apply for asylum. This means asking for permission from another country’s government to live there because it isn’t safe to return home.

Common reasons for asylum
The person might be unsafe at home because of race, religion, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or other beliefs that make people want to hurt them or put them in prison. Often the government of their home country also wants to hurt them or put in them prison for one or more of these reasons.

When to apply for asylum
A person who moves to the U.S. for asylum has to apply within the first year. If the U.S. government agrees, it’s called political asylum or refugee status. It’s usually approved because the person is unsafe at home.

Permanent Residency Status
If someone has political asylum or refugee status the person is allowed to apply for Permanent Residency Status after one year of receiving the asylum or refugee status approval. This means the person can live in the U.S., get a job, and work indefinitely. People who have Permanent Residency Status are given a card to prove they have permission to live and work in the U.S. It is often called a “green card.”

You’re more likely to succeed with a lawyer
If you want to apply for asylum, we are here to help you. There are important documents you need to turn in, and they have to be turned in at the right time. If they aren’t filled out right or turned in at the right time, you might not get asylum or refugee status.

Our lawyers know what documents you need, how to fill them out, and when to turn them in. We will also listen to your fears and answer all of your questions. If you are forced to appear in court, we will be there for you too.  Call us today at 847-258-9954 , or email us by clicking here, or schedule an appointment by clicking here.